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Return-It Bottle Depot Express!

Return-It Bottle Depot Express!

Eastview Elementary PAC is running an ongoing bottle drive fundraiser! 

If you have any bottles or cans to donate, please contact April LeCerf at and we can arrange a pick-up with you. 

Or drop off directly at the North Vancouver Return It Center. 

How it Works: 

1. Put all your drink containers in clear or transparent plastic bags, no sorting needed! 

2. Go to an Express depot and use Eastview Elementary’s phone number (604) 903-3520 to log in and print bag labels, one per bag. 

3. Place a label on each of your bags and leave them in the bag drop area. 

4. Earn money for our school! 

You can also drop off your drink containers at our PAC Sponsored Events. 

Collect from your family, friends and neighbours!

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