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About the PAC

The Eastview Parent Advisory Council is open to all parents of current Eastview Students. We are all volunteers and our role is to maintain a working relationship among parents, staff, and students. Our goal is to provide effective communication between our school and families. We also organize fundraisers and events to support all students in learning and boost school spirit in our community.

Our PAC fosters an open and inclusive environment where every voice is respected and welcome.  We can't wait to hear your ideas and hope you will come and join us! We meet on the fourth Wednesday of every month in the school Zoom at 7 pm.  Please email for the meeting link.

2022-2023 PAC Board


April LeCerf


Jen Mayson

Associate Treasurer

Jen Roger

Hot Lunch Coordinator

Shahrouz Mortezaei & Anita Rudge


Daniel Sheerin

Emergency Preparedness Coordinator

Kim Court Barratt

Graphic Designer

Sherry Klochnyk

Newsletter Coordinator

Monica Regan

After-School Program Coordinator

Amara Hunt

Vice President

Sam Sheerin


Beth Nesbit

Ways and Means Coordinator

Stephanie Gelinas

Class Rep Coordinator

Tina Craig

NVPAC Liaison

Ella Hanni

PIE Coordinator

Shelli Nishino-Fayle

Grade 7 Leadership Reps

Beth Nesbit & Sam Sheerin

Diversity Comittee

Shelli Nishino-Fayle

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