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Anxiety and Autism (PIE)

Anxiety and Autism (PIE)

Please join us for an informative and engaging Q&A with:

Karen Kester is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) and Director of Linking Autism and Families (laaf), which provides home-based behavioural intervention. She has a doctorate in Special Education from the University of British Columbia, with a specialization in ASD and anxiety. 

Connor Kerns is an Assistant Professor in Clinical Psychology and Director of the Anxiety Stress and Autism Program (ASAP) at the University of British Columbia. Her research interests include assessment and treatment of ASD, childhood anxiety, and stress-related disorders in children with and without ASD. 

Understanding Anxiety, Autism, and How They are Connected

Wednesday, November 18 @ 7pm via Zoom RSVP to Sasa Drover - to receive a private Zoom link 

Questions? Email Eastview principal Rick Chan: 

PIE is a group that shares ideas, learns, grows, and shows support for each person in our school community with open hearts and minds on topics related to inclusive education.

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